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Receive the finest quality products for your material handling requirements from the industry leaders

About Us

For more than six decades, our company, Hercules Hoists Limited (INDEF) has been a leading name in the field of hoisting solutions. In our vast years of experience, we have been able to expand our business remarkably by presenting the best hoisting solutions as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter to the customers. The products we offer to the customers include Geared Trolley, Industrial Stacker and many others. Every single manufactured product is ensured to be conforming to the highest quality norms. Since our incorporation in 1962, we have adhered to the core beliefs of the Bajaj Group and are truly an Indian company. We are dedicated to the Indian industry and have always been innovative and forward-thinking. We were and continue to be the national market leaders in hoisting technologies. Moreover we also provide services like after sales erection services, technical support services, repairing services, AMC services, site support services, etc.
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A dependable source of global experience and knowledge combined with local know-how to improve and develop your lifting operations and improve safety and productivity.
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We are proud to work with some of the world's largest companies in the pharmaceutical, automotive, cement, chemical, metal, oil, and gas industries. We take pride in our relationships with some of the industry's most powerful organizations.

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